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Update: We’re Back!

Hi everyone, we’ve missed you a lot!

Some really good news: We have the green light from Newtown Radio to start running workshops again!

Here’s what will be different:

  • Lenora will be teaching both Friday & Saturdays.
    Masha is traveling for a bit but she’ll be back 🙂
  • Workshops are now 2 hours long!
    This helps to minimize the number of people I come in contact with
  • Workshops will be limited to prior students only
    For now, because we know we can rely on you to respect the rules <3
  • The calendar will open to sign up for the next 6 weeks tomorrow at 12:00PM! (Wednesday, July 22)
    If you miss it, stay subscribed or follow us on Instagram — we’ll post up any cancellations and let you know we open bookings next.



  • Lenora is required to be tested for COVID every 14 days for work, the most recent test was negative 🙂
  • Masks must be worn in the studio the whole time. I know, they’re sweaty and annoying (we have AC now!) but do they help protect.
  • You must bring your own headphones!
  • No guests, please
  • When you come in, please sanitize your hands and put your things on the stairs (not on chairs / floor, etc)
  • We’ve got hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes and will be cleaning the CDJs before and after sessions.

Really, really excited to see you all again and hear what music you’ve been digging into for the past few months.

See you soon, and please email us if you have any questions!
— Lenora & Masha